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The AAFP's tobacco cessation program, "Ask and Act," encourages family physicians to ASK their patients about tobacco use, then ACT to

help them quit. Download the "Ask and Act" powerpoint presentation.

The Florida AHEC Network provides Tobacco Information to Healthcare Professionals

Professional Resources Compliments of AHECtobacco.com

  • Quit Now Poster (13 x 19) (PDF) Download
  • E-Cigarette Handout (PDF) Download
  • Florida AHEC Network Tobacco Brochure (PDF) Download
  • Twelve Facts to Help Dispel the Myths about Nicotine
  • Facts about Hookah
  • Tobacco Treatment Chart (PDF) Download
  • Cessation Counseling Services, Reimbursement and Resources - Brochure (PDF) Download
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines-Treating Tobacco Use & Dependence: 2008 Update (Complete Document) (PDF)
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines – Treating Tobacco Use & Dependence: 2008 Update (Quick Reference) (PDF)
  • Children and Secondhand Smoke
  • Dissolvable Tobacco: A new product hitting the market
  •  View our online tobacco training CME and CEU opportunities


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